not too old to die young

My dachshund looks like a sheep when he’s all wrapped in his blanket


me: everyone is beautiful and important and deserves a good life
me: except me, Iā€™m trash

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I support trigger warnings, i have my own triggers

but…i really hate putting trigger warnings on human bodies. it seems crass, and objectifying.

there’s things on my body that could be really triggering to someone, potentially, and I would be very sorry for that but i do not cover my skin for the sake of others, and i never will.

if someone’s very body triggers you, it is your responsibility to either avoid (unfollow), or (with the help of your therapist, and if you don’t have one, srsly, get one) get over it!

i will respect any trigger someone comes to me with, i will tag anything. but i would never put a trigger warning on my own body and I don’t want to for anyone else’s either. it feels like objectifying them. this is my body and everyone has to deal with it.

don’t think i’m insensitive or don’t understand - sometimes other people’s bodies really can be triggers for me, but i would never in a million years ask them to cover it, or ask them to put a trigger warning on their personal pictures. I deal with it. I don’t look, i talk to my dr. about it.


In another life



I get emotionally attached to anyone nice to me and scare them away. That is my problem.

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Example of a look you can create with VENUS: The Grunge Palette. šŸš Be sure to sign up on to get an email the second it launches! šŸ“© For my lips, I mixed of Salem & Wicked. XOXO @doedeere #limecrimeVENUS

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